Our Services

Coating/ Painting & Sand Blasting

We provides full scope of services related to painting and sand blasting. We have a highly skilled and experienced team related to this field well supported by our work shop and equipment. Following are some details about our paint division:

It is specially designed to handle large equipment and components perfect for customer needs.

Dual-media blasting, steel grit or crushed glass, to SSPC standards. Other blast media could be used upon request

Customer specified coatings including primer, enamel, epoxy and high-temperature paints applied

Cross-draft, heated spray booth, offering applications for high quality industrial coatings

Paint inspection includes blast profile and a dry film thickness measurements in accordance with SSPC standards

Corrosion Protection Services

Specifications interpretations and revisions

Work procedures preparations

Paint delivery

Surface preparation

Training and qualification of the applicants

Supervision of the paint application and surface preparation

Ensuring quality and quality control

Preparing maintenance plans during warranty periods

Industrial Blasting

Dry abrasive blasting

Wet abrasive blasting

UHP water jetting

Mechanical surface preparation

Chemical paint stripping

Oil & grease removal

Dust removal

Low and high pressure water cleaning

Steam cleaning

Stainless steel passivation

Corrosion under insulation

Industrial painting

Paint application

Maintenance coatings

Thermo-insulating coatings

Hydro-insulating coatings

Specialty linings

Elastomeric coatings

Thermo-resistant coatings

Splash zone application

Hot apply coatings


We provide a high performance flooring that offers outstanding impact and abrasion resistant, corrosive attack, slip resistant surface and multi colored quartz flooring. Such works like car parking, workshops, sheds, stores, loading bay, ports, and food beverage.

Coating / Painting Expertise

Abrasion Resistant Coating

Chemical Resistant Coating

Corrosion Resistant Coating

Fire Resistant Coating

Friction Resistant Coating

Heat Resistant Coating